When Aren Salmela gets behind the wheel of his steel-caged golf cart at his after school job at a local driving range, he is under siege: golf balls driven off the turf matts are often aimed at his rumbling cart. Like many other custodial jobs, Aren’s duties consist of picking up discarded items and cleaning up after customers. Yet, what other custodians are subject to patrons’ attempted physical assaults?

Aren say’s he’s never even come close to being injured on his job and that he doesn’t sweat it when he takes a liner to the cage. But should his acceptance of driving range culture be taken for granted? Maybe aiming for the man pushing the picker is harmless target practice. Or maybe it’s unnecessary harassment of a guy just trying to do his job.

Either way, Aren’s cage is getting rattled.

Thanks to Aren, Matt, and the folks at Sun’N Air Golf Center in Danvers, Mass. Find them at: sunairgolf.com