Amit Ram reluctantly agreed to become a brewer. His friend had to talk him into it. Amit thought the idea of spending lots of time, energy and money to buy a home brewing kit was ill-advised: it was much cheaper and easier to just go buy a six-pack, he thought.

But he relented. And one batch, one competition, and one first-place prize later, Amit found himself on a plane leaving Tel-Aviv, headed to the United States where he’d find work as an apprentice at a brewery, eventually becoming a full-fledged brewer.

It’s the camaraderie that touched him, he said. To him, the brewing community is unique and is what makes him rise at dawn each morning, don his knee-high rubber boots and get wrist-deep in slimy spent yeast that looks like … well, see for yourself what it looks like.

For Amit, becoming a brewer required an impressive geographical and physical commitment. But he seems to sincerely love what he does for a living, so continues to do what it takes to be a taste maker.


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